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Go and be enlightened![1]

by Michael Keizer on May 18, 2009

"Coca-Cola Morocco" by 'ciukes' @ Flickr I am going to do something that I will not do too often: I am going to tell you to read a post about health supply chains on another blog, and not add anything to it. Over at the global health blog at change.org, Bryn Mawr student Mara Gordon just wrote an absolutely fabulous post on Coca-Cola and public health, explaining how it is around the corner from anywhere and what we can learn from that in public health. She is not the first to make the comparison, but it definitely is one of the most tasteful and refreshing ones I have read: good till the last drop.

(Image: Coca-Cola in Morocco by ciukes @ Flickr)


[1] If you like a little puzzle: how many Coca-Cola slogans have I used in this posting? No prize, but an honourable mention for the first to post the right answer. But only after you have read Gordon’s post.

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