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Australia to Indonesia: thanks, mates!

by Michael Keizer on March 9, 2009

And sometimes, just sometimes, I see so much hope in a small newspaper article.

I don’t think that many people will have noticed the almost historical occasion celebrated in a recent article in The Jakarta Post. Indonesia is not the poorest country on earth, yet it is definitely not in the same league as Australia. However, the recent bushfires in the Australian state of Victoria have caused the unprecedented: Indonesia gave international aid to its southern neighbour. Sure, we are talking about US$ 1 million, which is not a huge amount by any standard of international aid, but just this idea is so hopeful: a country that is still on its way to prosperity and not that long ago was recipient of massive aid, is now able to give some of this same aid to a country that is in the top-20 of the most prosperous countries in the world.

Perhaps we are finally getting somewhere.

(With thanks to Cempaka Projects for putting me on this trail.)

(Photo courtesy of Duncan Cumming. Some rights reserved.)

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