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The aid logistics drinking game

by Michael Keizer on April 9, 2009

Michael Kleinman, you are dangerous.

Over at his blog at, Michael started a new trend: humanitarian drinking games. After Michael himself put up the first of those, TransitionLand and Harry Rud soon followed. Time for a logistics version, methinks — after all, loggies need to keep up their reputation as the hardest-drinking, loudest-talking hardasses of humanitarian work.

  1. Every time somebody talks about “the logistics of this-or-that” when they are just thinking of normal organisational tasks, take a drink.
  2. Every time somebody changes a protocol without thinking of the consequences of the supply line, take a drink.
  3. Every time your organisation starts a new program without thinking of logistics, empty your bottle.
  4. Every time somebody complains about not receiving the wine and cheese that they ordered, take another glass from the bottle that you confiscated from their care package.
  5. Every time somebody asks how many logisticians it takes to screw in a light bulb (none — the bulb is stil in transit, haw, haw, haw), empty your bottle over their head.

Remember: if you see a bunch of drunk aid workers weaving across the streets of  Monrovia, Yangon, or Medellin, don’t blame me — blame Michael Kleinman.

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