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My little sideline

by Michael Keizer on May 13, 2009

'Global Health' by Daneel Ariantho

A Humourless Lot clearly is a blog on logistics for health and aid, and even though I very occasionally make small excursions, I try to keep it tightly focussed on that subject. However, even though I am professionally specialised in it, my interests in (global) health range much wider than ‘just’ logistics – interests that I have not been able to really express here.

So you can imagine how chuffed I was when Alanna Shaikh, the ‘guide’ for one of the most widely read and accessible blogs on global health, asked me to become a regular guest blogger. I have started last Monday with a series on global health and human rights, and will post on a weekly schedule. I am not yet exactly sure where my posts will take me, but I am sure it will be an interesting ride.

So if you are interested in my interests outside of logistics, have a look at the global health blog at change.org – or go there anyway, as it is definitely one of the best blogs on the subject you can find.

(Image courtesy of Daneel Ariantho.)

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