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Searching anything?

by Michael Keizer on February 28, 2009

The sharpest-eyed will have noticed that two search boxes have appeared on this blog. The one in the top right-hand corner does what you would expect it to: it searches the blog itself for whatever you type in it. However, at the bottom of the right-hand side bar, you will see a search box titled A slightly less humourless search. This one does something much more interesting, courtesy of Google Custom Search: it performs a web search for your search terms within this blog’s link universe, i.e. the sites that this blog links to. As a result, it’s searches are probably much more pertinent for the subject matter (logistics, health, and aid).

Go on, try it. A good start would be to compare the search results for landcruiser in ‘normal’ Google versus this search box.

At the moment I am using the search box without any tweaking, but over the next couple of weeks I will try to make it even more pertinent by getting it to prioritise search results that deal with health and aid logistics.

(Photo courtesy of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Some rights reserved.)

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